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So in the last episode of Grey's Anatomy, Derek's starry-eyed research assistant, Renee, announced her goal to 'cure autism'. Because her little sister has it. And she always wondered what she was thinking.

We are supposed to be impressed by this. To think her oh so compassionate and heroic. It's the glimpse into her humanity that is meant to make us forgive her for possibly cocking up MerDer.

But it made me bristle. Like, immediately. I do not have autism, but I have worked with autistic children in the past, and the comment just struck me as horribly offensive. Autistic people, or people with autism (I know there is some debate within the community over the use of people-first language), are not diseased. And Renee openly admitted that her interest in finding a 'cure' was for her own personal gain - so she could know what her sister was thinking. Not even so that her sister could express herself, though even that would be problematic. It came across as very 'woe is me, it's such a burden to have an autistic sibling', which is the kind of bullshit Grey's has been pulling re: disability for years without realising the dickishness of such. Because Derek's response to Renee's declaration?

'That's ambitious for a resident.'

WRITERS, PLEASE STOP THIS BULLSHIT. Retroactively, if at all possible. Thank you and goodnight.

(Note: As stated above, I do not suffer from autism and recognise that I am speaking with ability privilege. I also recognise that autistic people should be given the floor to talk about the problematic nature of media representation such as this, but when I Googled it and no one had even mentioned it (beyond one critic saying that it made him 'like Renee a little more') I felt the need to vent. Please inform me if anything I have said is misguided or problematic, as the last thing I want is to cause offense. Thank you.)
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Characters/Pairing | Meredith/Addison, Cristina
Rating | 12
Summary | Tangents to Meredith and Addison scenes throughout the series, told non-chronologically.
Notes | For mrsfjl66, who prompted Addison/Meredith -- post script at the dearly departed dance-it-out comment fic-a-thon.
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So I had a job interview thing the other day and the lady asked me how old I was and I was all prepared to be like "bro I'm eighteen" but then my brain was like NO, NO YOU ARE NOT and I was like HOLY COW I AM TWENTY.


When did that happen?!? How am I this close to death?!?

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I am having major issues coming up with an idea for a short story for one of my university assignments. Like, I keep having ideas and starting the story but for the life of me cannot see them through to the end. They are just NOT WORKING.

So I thought I might give AU fic writing a try and see if it works any better. Give me your AU prompts for characters I already know and love (and that can be realised in 3,000 words) in the hope that inspiration strikes and I can get something done. I would prefer things of a sinister/creepy nature because that's just the way my mind works but at this point literally anything will do. I will obviously change names and what have you and try to make the characters my own as much as possible but I think this is a good springboard to just get me writing SOMETHING.

Thank you in advance, beautiful people.
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help a sister out!

So my absolute beaut of a cousin made it to the final of an open mic competition and as far as I can tell the voting is done by how many views the YouTube video of her singing her own original song gets. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you watch and share it wherever you can? She's so talented and she'd be over the moon if she won and I'm just bursting with pride because her voice, you guys. HER VOICE.